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Negatives or digital files are included in all our projects.

World Class Service
Our passion for photography is evident in our award winning photos we take for you.

Convention and Trade Show Photography...

We've Got the Best Seat in the House
For all our convention and trade show events we've got the best seat in the house. It's our passion to capture the energy and expression of people, and the presentation of events.

We are proud to offer you Award Winning World Class photography services for Award, Banquet, Conference, Convention, Reception and Trade Show Photography.

Excellent Value
We INCLUDE NEGATIVES or Digital Files in all our convention photography, saving you hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars on rights useage and photo reprint costs!

Related Photography
Here is a shortlist of our convention and special events photography:

APEC 97 John Chretien
President of Mexico
Elizabeth Taylor
Jimmy Pattison
Edgar Kaiser Jr.
Planet Hollywood/Virgin Records
Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre
Westin Bayshore Hotel
Pan Pacific Hotel
B.C. Place
Martin van Keken and Associates
Grouse Mountain Resorts
and many many others

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Our photography company mandate is about serving you and your needs with World Class Service.
Our power is award winning photography and digital manipulation that exceeds your expectaions.