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Today is August 5, 2008    3:02 PM  (updated aug 6, 2008 at 7 PM)

I am waiting on hold right now for a Rogers Supervisor. Knowing tough gun Philip in Accounts receivable has a tough guy front line attitude about not allowing me my $200 credit for early termination due to poor service, then that's OK with me.

If Roger's Cellular really want to play tough guy then I will have to let everyone know via the Internet of my experience with them.

Bottom-line is Rogers cell phone signal is far inferior to Bell which I am now using. Basically I chose to move to Bell because I was loosing so many valuable business calls in downtown Vancouver, by them being dropped by the Roger's Wireless Network. No more dropped calls on the Bell Network especially in downtown Vancouver. My friend Ted will vouch for my many failed attempts at communications with him on my Motorola v360 cellular phone from Rogers Wireless. I have wasted days over the years trying to get a better signal quality from rogers,. They always blamed teh cell phones, so I wasted time changing cell phones and paying for upgrades. STILL TO HAVE THE SAME POOR QUALITY SIGNAL PROBLEMS WITH ROGERS IN DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER EVEN AFTER CHANGING THE PHONES 3 DIFFERENT TIMES OVER THE YEARS. Rogers has cuased me to waste over $1500 in my billable time ...................... I suggest it is pay back time Rogers!

It is now 3:08 PM and I have been on hold for over 6 minutes with no attempts at courtesy to let me know I am still in cue. Anyhow this wait time has been used most productively to post this brief capsule in time to the Internet for all to see, and understand the difference from a hands on perspective of the huge difference in quality between the Rogers Wireless (inferior downtown quality) compared to Bell network which is far superior in the downtown core to:

Jean Pierre from accounts receivable supervisor for Rogers wireless said he could not help me because this account was in credit collection now. I said to him he has the power to do anything he wants including make the decision to not even take the time to listen to why I cancelled my inferior quality Rogers wireless service which I have put up with for over 5 years as a loyal customers, and get dumped on by big brother because Rogers's wireless refuses to acknowledge and more importantly fix there inferior downtown Vancouver service.

The gig is up and Roger's refuses to waive the cancellation fee even though they are clearly at fault for such poor service. As a vancouver corporate photographer who needs to be in regular contact on a reliabl;e cell network Rogers' just doesn't compare to Bell.

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Of course if Roger's wants to show they care about customer service and quality then perhaps they should rethink there demands and pre made voice reply templates , "It is out of our hands as it is now in credit collections". Yeah right Rogers, you control whether or not you demand an early cancellation fee for inferior  wireless cellular service in downtown Vancouver. By the way, did you take the time to notice all those keywords I have used through out this document. being an SEO specialist, you can bet your booty lots of people will read this. Worth $200.? You Bet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting how I had a situation with Telus, even though the bill had gone to collection on Telus's error, they wound up doing all the leg work to correct the problem about getting the problem resolved. Customer service at Telus is King. Rogers sure has lots to learn about customer service.

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