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To download your FREE 288 pixel images, simply place your mouse cursor over the image (on the previous page), and right click the mouse, select Save Image (picture) as ..

Please remember to bookmark our site and tell your friends and business associates about our site as we come out with new photographs regularly. Any one who orders photos from us as a result of your referral entitles you to a free $14.95 US $ value high resolution image. The first two images in most of our photo galleries have no watermarks (copyright info), and are yours to use for free.

We ask that you please consider purchasing the same photo in 640 or 2,000 pixel resolution. This is just a small fraction of what that image cost us to produce and make available to you. By you supporting our web site, we can continue to offer you more and more images from our award winning library of over 10,000 unpublished images.

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When you order 4 or more of our high resolution images we will automatically ship you our stock photography CD-ROM containing 322 1,000 pixel resolution images.

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All our transactions are done on our secure site as endorsed by Americas top institutions and banks. All information is encrypted, so your ordering information is safe and secure.

Click Here to go directly to our secure ecommerce enabled stock photography web site. If your web software does not support secure transactions, or you prefer to send your order by other means, then we suggest you send your order to us via fax or mail. Click here for fax or mail ordering information.

By sending payment to Vision Masters Multimedia or (hereinafter referred to as VMM), by charge card, mail, fax or any other means, you agree to be bound by the following terms of this agreement.

VMM grants you a personal, non transferable, nonexclusive right to copy the VMM image you have selected onto your computer. The image may be modified and incorporated in materials for personal, internal, and corporate use. This image is provided to you royalty and licence free. The image can not be resold or redistributed or offered for free as part of any library of stock photography images in any fashion, such as digital, print based, clip art or part of a clip art library, on-line, electronic distribution, or otherwise.

You may use these images in web page designs, corporate marketing promotions, advertising, personal use, and also use these images in print based products for resale such as: brochures, phone calling cards, postcards, posters, playing cards, place mats, matchbook covers, postcards and other related print based products that are resold. Pornographic, defamatory, libelous or otherwise unlawful use of the image is prohibited.

VMM warrants the digital copy of the image in the form downloaded by you to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 90 days from delivery. Your sole and exclusive remedy for a breach of this warranty is the replacement of the digital copy of the image. VMM makes no other warranty, express or implied, including without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Some states do not permit the exclusion of implied warranties, and you may have other rights which may vary from state to state. VMM shall not be liable to you, any person, or any business for any general, special, direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, or other damages arising out of the license of this or any other VMM images.

All rights to this and all other images on this WEB site are owned by VMM and are protected by Canadian copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws. VMM retains all rights not expressly granted by this agreement. The image(s) are licensed only to you or your company and may not be transferred or sublicensed without the prior written consent of VMM. The license contained in this agreement will terminate automatically without notice from VMM if you fail to comply with any provision of this agreement. Upon termination, you must immediately stop using the image(s) and delete the images and all copies of the image(s) in print or electronic form. Your use of the image(s) must be in compliance with the applicable laws of the land. This represents the entire agreement between VMM and you.

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