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Low overhead allows
us to give you
high quality
at lower

Alan's Award Winning Photography: Value For Services

You get the best value for services when dealing with Alan's Award Winning Photography, yet we do not compromise quality at all. Our low overhead cost of doing business simply allows us to give you more products and services than any studio who has higher overhead costs than us.

Parent Albums
Our Parent Albums for example, are elegant book bound albums featuring a rich texture and have a plush feel. These albums are superior to most other parent albums and are available at excellent savings when you need extra albums. Our Parent Albums With 12 5" x 7" are just $185. With 20 5" x 7" they are just $240.

Portrait Package Enlargement , CD-ROM and DVD Rates
Compare our wedding reprint rates. Our lower cost of doing business benefits you by delivering the identical quality images at rates far superior to other’s. Any print that fades shall be replaced at no charge.

The CD-ROM’s we provide you with contain ALL the images from your wedding day in file sizes large enough to print 30” x 40” photographs. The CD-ROM’s also include an easy to navigate web browser of your wedding images
Extra CD-ROMs $12.00each First DVD $60.00each Extra DVD’s $20.00each

Package Price Reprint Rates
............Unretouched ...Retouched
4" x 5" $ 3.00 .............$ 8.00
5" x 7" $ 6.00 .............$ 12.00
8" x 10" $8.00 ............$ 15.00
11"x14" $15.00 ...........$ 27.00
12"x18" $30.00........... $ 45.00
16"x20" $45.00 ...........$ 55.00
20"x24" $55.00 ...........$ 65.00
24"x30" $75.00 ...........$105.00
24"x36" $110.00 .........$150.00
30"x40" $180.00 .........$230.00

Are All Negatives or Digital Files Included? A Huge Cost Saving Bonus
A wedding is more than just the cost of the wedding day photography. Your parents, bridal party and relatives and friends will probably want reprints.

Does the photographer include negatives or digital files in their work? If not be sure to ask how much 5"x7", 8"x10", and 16"x20" reprints are. We can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars over other photographers.

Our portrait photos are made at the same professional labs that many other portrait studios use. We don't compromise photograph quality for low reprint prices; our business operating overheads are $5,000 to $7,000 less than many studios, so we don't charge as much for the identical quality portraits.

Purchasing 20 extra retouched 8" x 10" portraits from Alan’s Award Winning Photography is $300. The industry price for retouched 8" x10" portraits is around $35. or $700. We just saved you $400. on just 20 reprints.

Do they use a Medium Format Camera or 35 mm or Digital?
We photograph with medium format and 12 million recording pixel professional digital cameras. Medium format negatives are 3 to 4 times larger than 35mm equipment and are much sharper, less grainy, and more colorful than 35 mm film images.

Our 12 million pixel digital camera is actually as sharp and colorful as our medium format camera! Instant viewing of lighting and posing results in greater creativity with our digital camera. Going all digital lets us offer you complete wedding web sites and the ability to create stunning designer albums! Go to www.visionmasters.net/s2 for more information.

fuji s2 12 million recording pixel digital camera

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