The Importance of Professional Lighting

Look at the following examples and you will see just how important professional photography lighting is in the quality of your cherished photos.

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Notice how the image on the left appears much "warmer", and there are no shadows on the Curtain. The image on the left shows all the detail of the dress in the bust area, while the image on the right has very little bust detail. The image on the left has much more "dimensionality" in the facial area as well.

We care very much about the quality of lighting and the huge impact it has on your cherished portraits. We are able to offer such high quality only because we take the time to do things right and that means using a photographers assistant to create beautiful lighting techniques like those on the image on the left. Now you can see just how important the photographers assistant is in creating a proper mood with professional lighting.

Look at the images below, and you will also see the lighting effects created from proper and improper lighting. It is very important for us to point these lighting things out to you (and more) so that you will be much better educated when making your choices about how to choose the best wedding photographer to meet and exceed your expectations of quality and value.

Click Here for a larger version of this image. Notice in the image here that there are harsh shadows in the image on the left, the dress detail in the bust can not be seen, and the dress is starting to turn a light blue color. Why? Here again the image on the left has been photographed the "lazy mans" way, without the use of a photographers assistant, using a flash mounted on the camera. The image on the right has been photographed with professional lighting and a photographers assistant; what a difference in the quality!

Make a point to ask photographers if they use an assistant and light disk and umbrella lighting. You deserve the best quality that money can buy.

You see, only the best professional photographers, like us, include a photographers assistant, so that you are assured of the best quality images being delivered to you. In addition to lighting techniques (both indoors and outdoors) the assistant also pays very close attention to details like cuff lengths, "foofing" the veil to give it a wind swept look, and much much more!

Our image and technical quality rivals the best of the best photographers. We often hear tales of photographers who do not give out negatives and their justification that they do not because they want to control the quality of the images leaving their studio. We agree fully with this statement and that is why all our images have the extra attention to lighting and quality, as you can see in the above examples. Our images are amongst the absolute best that money can buy, even at reprint rates 1/4 of that of many other companies. Wedding reprints can be a significant factor in hidden extra costs as in the following example. Twenty retouched and lacquer protected 8 x 10's from Alan's Award Winning Photography is just $280.00, many other firms will charge easily $800.00 for the identical quality images, printed on the identical photographic paper. You saved $420.00 by choosing Alan's Award Winning Photography! We can offer such fantastic savings due to $5,000 lower monthly over heads than many studios.

Photo Retouching and Portrait Protection

Your cherished wedding portraits will last the longest and look their best from Alan's Award Winning Photography Photography. How you may ask? We put a protective coating on your wedding album portraits that protects them from moistures, oils and fading. We retouch portraits by literally painting the photo so that bright and shiny areas on your skin are "blended" to look natural and the best possible

Make a point to ask photographers if they take the time to care about protective coating protection and portrait retouching. Your Alan's Award Winning Photography wedding portraits show the quality and caring that only a true professional will offer.

Take a look at the following photo retouching samples and see for yourself how great your portraits will look when retouched by Alan's Award Winning Photography. Notice how the top image looks much less shiny than the bottom image. This is what we mean by blending the bright and shiny areas.
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Professional Lighting

Professional lighting is an art best accomplished with 2 professionals.

Alan's Award Winning Photography always provides this level of excellence for your maximum viewing pleasure and great memories.