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imageMy name is Alan Gough from Alan's Award Winning Photography.

What sets us apart in addition to our award winning work  is that we are one of the ONLY photography and video companies offering 9 foot giant screen presentations of your wedding day photographs at the reception.  Brides and Grooms, Mom's and Dad's tell us that seeing 9 foot wedding day photos at the reception is one of the most memorable parts of the wedding day experience that they can share with friends and family.

You and your guests will see (especially at the reception) and feel the difference we make with your wedding photography memories, with our 2 photographer, award winning personalized service.


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I have some Wedding Special Offers for you, valued at over $895.00, at no charge as well.

Wedding Special .

Show your wedding day photographs at the reception on our 9 foot giant screen. The wow factor is everyone is able to share in the emotions and memories of the wedding day at dinner!   No Charge when 10 hours or more of photography services are booked. This is an $895.00 value!

Here is another great offer for you regarding your wedding day. We would like to offer you up to 2 hours of high definition professional video as our way of saying Thankyou, when you book our 8 hour or larger photography packages. Give us a call to talk more about this $600 offer, yours at no charge.

DVD's - Buyer Beware.

Did you know that while most photographers offer DVD's of the wedding day photos viewable on your television, that these DVD's can not be used to print any of the photographs from? How will you make reprints from your cherished wedding memories with these DVD's? Answer .... pay the photographer $500 or more dollars to receive a different DVD containing all the high resolution files suitable for making reprints ........... OR ........ hire Alan's Award Winning Photography and Video as we include all the high resolution files in all our wedding packages, and we do not charge you a penny extra for this service.

Wedding Prices - One "apple basket" is not the same as another- We offer $1150 more value then most

When you are comparing prices of photographers, be sure the services and deliverables are similar. Our fees include:
 - An indoor backup plan in the event of poor weather - $150.00 Value.
 - All of the high resolution digital files - $500 Value.
 - A web site of your wedding day photos - $300 Value.
 - 4 x 6 prints in all our packages (not just the digital files) - $200 Value
 - 2nd photographer included -  Priceless Value!

Adding up these "extras" that we include at no additional charge in all our wedding album packages amounts to over $1150. Shop around to be sure the services from one photographer are similar to another.

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